This is a FABULOUS speech by Bernie Sanders ...

A Resolution To Impeach Bush & Cheney
Watch IA4P Founder, Bart Boyce, As He Takes On
Houston City Councilman Michael Berry (He Keeps His
Cool Despite Attacks, And Berry Is Forced To Retract
His MotionTo Put The Bush Foes "At The Back Of The Bus!")

"Do You Think It's Time For a Change?"


And check out this magical Cindy Sheehan Birthday performance of "Song For A New America." How historic is that? (The video quality sucks but the spirit is there.)

"Song For a New America"
By Bart Boyce

This is a song and an idea whose time has come. Written more than 20 years ago, now in the time of George Bush and dashed dreams, it is time to rekindle some of the optimism and patriotism which first inspired this song.

This performance, accompanied by Gary Yokie on guitar and vocals, was videoed at the Artery in Houston, Texas. Enjoy and "tell a friend."