IA4P Poets

Rusty Hart


I leave a trail upon the face of the multitude

So frail and fleeting

The beginning is all but erased by the eternal breath

What remains is unseen

In the absence of light

And if upon the sum total of my existence

A clearer eye should in the future gaze

It will be too late

It will be no more than if I had never been


I cast my eyes downward in despair

To those upon whom I tread

Lamenting the lost glow they once reflected

They give all they have received

To a cool indifference

Vainly seeking that which has turned away

And I am one of them

Like each so small

Frozen in transparency

And each so hard

But together soft and yielding

I am sinking down

Crushing depths

Buried by the juggernaut of time

Where existence is only a smothering awareness

Of all that holds me in bondage

Anguish ebbs and flows within me

Panic tears my thoughts away

To that which mirrors the chaos within

Cascading thunder

The continuity of endless change

Cold and black and empty and lifeless

Yet surging and flowing with mindless purpose

Intricate patterns in a random dance

For it is made of life itself

And I quail before its power

The personification of all my fears

It slams upon all that I thought was secure

And I am swept away

A splinter spawned by my own self destruction

Hurled and heaved upon a massive churning breast

Gasping for a breath forever denied

All I know is a horizon sinking from view

And I am lost


I long for the comfort of stillness

And so my gaze is drawn upward

To the greatest vastness of all

My mind leaps outward with a speed so blinding

I perceive that I am unmoving

Entangled in a journey without ending

For the void has no end

Encompassing everything

The ultimate emptiness

Against all I take measure of all that I am

I am nothing

And nothing is all that is left to me

Save the defiance of wading out into the final act

For what is a moment of breath denied

That brings an end to an eternity of drowning

All will go on uncaring

A last look at the heavens to whisper goodbye

And I am heard


A slender glittering thread

A fitful glimmering of truth

Streaks across the black face of the lie

A moment of being then gone

Lasting forever

Illuminating nothing

Yet blazing upon my soul

A chance collision without worth

Created for my eyes alone

While all the world sleeps

I witness and it has meaning

And I know that I belong

I am a single tear

From the eye of the source of all

Yet if I am taken from the sea

A difference immeasurably small

Still the sea is diminished

I turn back from the depths

And begin the journey back to myself

In breathless anticipation of the joy

Of embracing the next instant

A blazing arc rises

A symbol of the promise kept




Wayland Matthew Fox


We knew each other from before time,

As felt thought forms clothed in magic -

Sleeping images in the mind of Mystery

Then and Now.

Becoming as deities of legend

Like the sword maker Wayland

And the triad goddess Brid.

I and Thou, Then and Now!

Descending into the clay feet of humanity -

Taking on the double vision, the dust, the death.

Then and Now, I and Thou!

Heeding the mania of the Soul to separate,

To hide in the wet darkness, to know the self.

Then and Now

Waiting, Expectant, Empty, to be filled by light, by Grace.

Climbing once again, Awake, Ascending to the infinite.

Then and Now!

Alive as before in the mind of God.

Together, all one,

Together alone.

Alone, All-one.


New Poems by Bart Boyce:

Cindy Sheehan Day

if this were my last day on trip earth

and I was living it as if it were....

I would greet this day with that "frabjous" joy

the type of joy that brings the early rays of sun

and mixes them with little blue and red birds chirping

and drops of glistn'ing dew on earthly green meadows ...


and my focus and intent for the day ...

would be peace ...

for my inside serenity ...and peace between you and me ...

and peace for our township ...and peace for our world ....

O ...I would strive for peace and let go for peace ..

Accepting peace and living for peace ....

and honoring those who lay down their life for peace ...

who mourn the dead and those they raised ...

who dwelt among those who did not , also , cherish peace ...


for I am you and you are me and

we are the greatest of miracles .......

I will steadfast levy my gaze at peace

on this one day

and laugh .....laugh at the joy and beauty of it all

and the insanity and the craziness of it all

and the sadness and horror of it all

and the precious tender forgotten moment of love

that once was all ......


for today I am a 1000 times stronger than I was

for today I have made 1000 friends

and today my 1000 friends will act

with the guidance of universal truth and Power

we will act ....

so peacefully , those not among us ...

may feel and hear the prayerful vibration of our pounding,

loving heart ...


Poem for Peace  9/17/2004
people .......
who fight for their God, their self-governance
is it the Iraquis who have come upon us and demanded
we change our life? our ways? our God?
are we Oppressors? Is it for the cause of God and Right,
Truth and Beauty that we began and perpetuate this
senseless killing ....
Every day people will die ......what is the reason why ?
Religion?   A threat of Terrorism?   Weapons of Mass Destruction?
      Population Control for Planet Earth?    
            Future Control of the Middle East?
    Is it not for Corporate Greed?
Is it not for Corporate Greed?  For Money and Defense Contracts
   and maybe somewhere a touch of the
          Ego of the "Christian" Right?
Were we to rethink this insane behaviour as a human race together.....
all the resources spent on destruction applied to
   Life and Peace and a Mutually Acceptable Solution
Don't we have the ability to stop this needless killing of one another?
Every nanosecond this insanity continues ....
   I must own ....\
I pray for peace 
visualize peace
act for peace
live for peace
love for peace
contemplate peace
accept peace
as a race, I believe with all my being
   that the only correct solution,
          is absolute non-violence